Thursday, March 8, 2012

Exhibition & Exposition

I've been recently catching up on podcasts during my commute, and an episode of To The Best of Our Knowledge (a production of Wisconsin Public Radio distributed by Public Radio International) included an interview with Chuck Close.

I saw the phenomenal Chuck Close exhibit at The Ft. Worth Museum of Modern Art back in May of 2006. His techniques and skill were impressive and inspiring. It made me wanna create. It made me wanna immediately leave the building in search of a canvas.

There was a cheesy Rothko-derivative Sean Scully exhibit, too. But, aside from the initial appreciation of texture, stroke, and color palette, it quickly became repetitive and ho-hum.

One room held the Nicholas Nixon exhibit, Brown Sisters, which encompassed the yearly black-and-white photos of his wife and her sisters taken from 1975 to 2005. The individual photos themselves are not necessarily captivating or impressive (though some are). The true power of this show is experienced when the viewer strolls along all the images in chronological order. One sees the steadfast affection of the sisters juxtaposed against the gradual change over the decades in their fashion and their aging faces.


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